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Can Ants Smell Sugar? Tips to Get Rid of Ants Out Of Sugar Jars

    Can Ants Smell Sugar? Tips to Get Rid of Ants Out Of Sugar Jars

    Ants can cause damage to human health because ants carry on them (or in the digestive tract) pathogens such as diarrhea, smallpox, and many other disease-causing bacteria including food poisoning bacteria…

    Ants cannot Smell Sugar or are even attracted to sweat. The fact that the ant’s foraging process is “finding first – sniffing later” because the antennae of the ants must be touched to smell. Unlike flies, they are very weak at picking up molecules suspended in the air.

    Fact: if you look closely, you will see ants walking alone in many places, these ants are scout ants. When it detects food, it will mark it and call the herd to pick it up.

    How Can Ants Find Sugar or Sweet?

    Insects that smell with antennae (antenna). They pick up chemical signals from their surroundings using receptors on their antennae to determine information such as: finding a source of water (for example, to lay eggs in dragonflies), tracking food (for example, flies have a rancid smell). attractive), detecting danger (e.g. bees flee when encountering smoke), finding mates during breeding season…

    Because of their different behavior, not all insects have a perfect pair of antennae. The ability to recognize the widest range of chemical signals from the environment is found mainly in single living bugs. So what about social species as differentiated as ants?

    Unlike flies, Ants are very weak at picking up molecules suspended in the air. Ants find food by radiating from the nest and then each one wanders around, even a few hundred meters away from the nest until accidentally encountering something edible. At this time, the role of the ant’s antennae is applied: finding the way to the news nest, maybe everyone knows how. So the sugar pot was accidentally found by an ant while wandering, so it immediately pulled the swarm, not because the ant smelled the sugar to follow.

    The antennae power of social insects (bees, ants…) is decoding pheromone information from fellows (chemical communication). Ants antennae are so sophisticated that they can distinguish the scents of fellows living in the same nest from those in other nests, despite the fact that the pheromone chemical structure is now identical between them.

    ants are social insects
    Ants are social insects

    Here are some simple and effective ways to keep ants out of the sugar jar:  

    How to Get Rid of Ants Out Of Sugar Jars?

    Lure The Ants With a Stick

    When detecting ants entering the sugar jar, you should take a few sticks and stick them deep into the bottom of the jar to lure the ants. Wait until the ants will stick to it, then lift the chopsticks and shake off the ants. Do this until the ants come out.  

    Or you can stick the wand against something to make the ants crawl in the other direction you want.

    Pour Sugar on Paper and Chase Them Away  

    You pour sugar 1 clean newspaper in a dry place, then knock for the ants to crawl out and then kill. Once the ants are gone, pour the sugar back into the jar.  

    Use Stainless Steel Spoon to Chase Ants 

    You can use a long-handled stainless steel spoon deep into the sugar jar to let the ants cling to the spoon and then lift the spoon out. This method of repelling ants is very effective, you should try it right away.

    Leave The Sugar Jar In The Sun  

    Ants are very afraid of heat, so when the sugar jar is entered by ants, open the lid of the jar and bring it out in the sun for about 10 minutes. You will surely be surprised when you come back to check it out.

    How To Prevent Ants From Getting Into The Sugar Jar  

    • To prevent ants from getting into the sugar jar, you can put a plate of water underneath the sugar jar so they can’t get close.  
    • You can wrap the outside of the sugar bottle a few times with rubber bands. When smelling rubber, ants will not dare to come again.  
    • You put a few cloves of garlic or a few branches of ginger in the area near the spice jars in the kitchen to prevent yeast ants from approaching. Garlic and ginger have a pungent odor that repels ants.  

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