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Can You Eat Snake Eggs? Common Misconceptions About Snakes

    Can You Eat Snake Eggs? Common Misconceptions About Snakes

    Snakes are not only processed into specialty dishes, but their parts are also used to make medicine. In Western medicine, people only use snake venom. As for Eastern medicine, the parts that are used are meat, bile, and snakeskin. Snake eggs are off-white or pale yellow but can turn brown over time, rather oblong or oval in shape. Snake eggs often clump together and even stick together in large clumps.

    You can eat snake eggs as long as they are properly cooked, it’s not much different from cooking and eating a regular chicken or duck egg. Snake eggs contain a lot of calcium and nutrients.

    However, you should look for other foods. Because eating snake eggs increases the risk of extinction of snake species that the whole world is now trying to prevent. Second, if you eat poisonous snake eggs, it will be life-threatening.

    Common Misconceptions About Snakes

    “Are all snakes poisonous?”

    – Please say no, in fact, the number of venomous and poisonous snakes is much less than non-venomous species, out of 2,500 species of snakes discovered, only 600 species are venomous and 150 species can cause harm. dangerous… I mean dangerous, but I’m not sure if I’m dead

    All green snakes are poisonous

    This is not a small mistake, because this mistake has caused the deaths of many snakes… Viper is just a name that people give to call green ones, but later became become the common name of the family Viperidae, and there is a fact that in that family, the green ones make up only a small amount, the rest are brown, gray, etc. For example, rattlesnake, everyone sees on TV. yes, it’s gray and yes, it’s a GREEN snake.

    The number of species in the family of green vipers is less than that of the Colubridae. The easiest way to distinguish between green water snakes and true vipers is based on the head, not the color, the head of the viper is usually triangular and may have 2 holes located near the 2 nostrils, which is the pit. heat, helping snakes see thermal radiation like an infrared camera… It’s zillion.

    Water snakes are non-poisonous

    Completely wrong… Depending on the species, the water snake is poisonous or not, such as the quartz snake (O.taeniurus) which is a non-venomous water snake, but the red-necked flower snake aka the pupil snake (R.subminiatus) ) has quite strong poison, someone has died because of this one, if I want to know more about its poison, I will reply below in the comment. Well, this one doesn’t have serum yet so don’t get bitten.

    “Water snakes have to live in water, right?”

    It is another misconception based on the naming of people, the Water Snake family includes many species, some species live in the water (eg: lead snake – E.plumbea), some species live on land (eg: Barron – O.barroni), and some arboreal (eg: hedge snake – B.dendophila).

    Cobra bites people to death

    Another misconception about naming… Species such as the Chinese penguin/tiger (N.atra), cat tiger/Siamese tiger (N.siamensis), ground tiger/monocular cobra (N.kaouthia) and the rattan/king cobra (O.hannah) are species of the Elapidae family with deadly venom, while the buffalo/brass/dragon tiger (P.mucosa), horse tiger/melon stripe (E.radiata) ),… Again belongs to the family of non-venomous water snakes and the lead tiger/tiger belongs to the family Xenopeltidae non-venomous.

    Snake is viscous and cold

    Snakes don’t have vicious glands, and it doesn’t need any oil, so it’s not vicious, perhaps, people misunderstand because snakes are very long and their scales are shiny, giving people a slimy feel, but it’s true. In addition, the snake’s skin is dry, warm, or cool, but not slimy and cold.

    Snakes come in pairs, hit one and the other will take revenge

    Snakes don’t know what the concept of the enemy is, and they don’t come in pairs. The reason for that is because, during the mating season, snakes appear a lot, when people beat snakes and hit the sex pheromone glands, causing the pheromones to waft in the air, the snakes around were stimulated but also smelled. I see pheromones, so I’ll go look for the source of that scent

    “Snakes are evil, poisonous species, need to be eliminated to “clean” the environment”

    Humans often have a characteristic that is always afraid of what they do not understand, do not know well, and that is quite true for snake relatives. For a long time, since the time of eating the fur in the hole, people have considered snakes as some kind of mysterious, deadly creature, full of bad luck.

    But now in the 21st century, we need to think more openly, in order to protect the ecosystem on Earth. When people think of snakes, they only think of snake bites, but no one thinks of the great benefits that snakes bring:

    • Snake eats slugs to control the number of snails and naked slugs, thereby limiting them to destroy crops.
    • Snakes generally eat rodents that damage crops.
    • Some snakes eat other snakes to control snake populations.
    • The venom of the cobra species is being studied because of its anesthetic effect with fewer side effects than other anesthetics.
    • The venom of vipers and water snakes is studied to make anti-cancer, anti-stroke, anti-hemophilia as well as blood-clotting drugs.

    They have a lot of benefits, so we should also change our view of snakes and be more kind to them. Tigers, leopards, lions used to be animals hated by humans, but over time, we stand up to protect tigers and fight to preserve them, so why don’t snakes have the same privilege?

    Contrary to what people think that snakes are “popular”, they are gradually being extinct because people kill snakes every time they see it, without reason, without thinking, some snakes such as red-spotted snakes, green-striped snakes, green-draped snakes, cat-eyed snakes, blind snakes, etc. … is threatened because of human carnage.

    So let’s be fair to snakes, we have more than enough time to learn about them and have a better view of them!


    Bottom line

    Whether the snake is poisonous or not, we should not kill it for no reason. Because its nature is a beneficial species, Snakes do not naturally bite people, only we step on it or intentionally hit it, it will bite us. , best, when you see a snake “The less interaction, the harder it is to bite” (According to the saying of my brother), use the water hose to drive it away or call snake specialists to handle it, NO HANDLING YOURSELF, and if bitten, GO TO THE HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY and LEARN FIRST AID.

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