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Do Bats Lay Eggs? Interesting things about Bats

    Do Bats Lay Eggs? Interesting things about Bats

    Bats are the only mammals capable of flight, they belong to the order Chiroptera and subphylum Chordate, along with acoustic orientation i.e. echolocation, giving bats a unique order that is very rich and populous.

    Bats are mammals, so they have a form of reproduction that is giving birth and breastfeeding instead of laying eggs. They are beneficial species by playing the role of pollinating flowers or dispersing plant seeds.

    Pregnant Bats Giving Birth With A Little Help From Her Friends

    Interesting things about Bats

    They are an animal that moves in the tradition associated with ghost stories, bloodthirsty or appears in Hollywood movies such as the story of the “legend of Batman”.

    Recently, when the covid pandemic is exploding with the rapid promotion of the virus, many conjectures based on surveys and experiments have given information about the source of infection coming from bats.

    Currently, the number of bats accounts for one-fifth of all mammal species, with more than 1,200 different species of bats distributed throughout the world’s belts. They are usually separated into two main sub-classes: Megabats and Microbats.

    What are the benefits and harms of Bats to Humans?

    Bats are the only animals that can fly. Some other animals such as flying weasels, flying squirrels… look like they can fly, but they can only glide – for a limited distance. About 70% of bat species eat insects, the rest mainly eat fruit and only a few species are carnivores.

    Bats are essential for ecology because they play the role of pollinating flowers or dispersing plant seeds, the dispersal of many plant species depends entirely on bats.

    Species in the order Chiroptera have much in common with herbivores and can be thought of as a clade of insectivores adapted for flight. The forelimbs transform into leathery wings. Fingers, except for the first finger, are very long and stretchy with thin, hairless skin. The membrane connects not only the forelimbs to the hind limbs but also the hind limbs to the tail. Large pectoral muscles.

    Why is flying like a Bird but Bat classified as a mammal?

    Bats are animals, not birds because bats give birth and feed their young with milk. Bats emit ultrasound with a frequency of 30,000-70,000 Hz. By receiving ultrasound into the ear, the bat can estimate the distance of an obstacle.

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