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Snake Defense: 6 Ways to Keep Snakes Away from Your Home

    Snake Defense: 6 Ways to Keep Snakes Away from Your Home

    Summer is the breeding season of insects and avoids the heat of snakes and centipedes. Let’s learn with Pest Isolation to known effective snake repellent tips and ensure the safety of your home and family!

    Snakes are quite common animals that often appear in hot and humid tropical countries. Snakes often hide in dense places and invade the whole house especially when the weather is hot. This causes confusion and fear for everyone. Moreover, it will be even more dangerous if the snakes appearing in your house are poisonous snakes. So what is the way to keep snakes out of the house and prevent them from coming back?

    Why Do Snakes Like to Enter Our House?

    Snakes are wild reptiles that live in the wild. Surely many people will wonder why they sometimes appear in our house. This is explained as follows:

    • Snakes are animals that like safety, they often find an ideal hiding place with both food and water, and accidentally your home is a reasonable environment for snakes to reside.
    • If your home has a garden or many trees. It is an extremely suitable place for snakes to live and hide. The red-tailed viper is a good example of this common venomous snake, which has a distinctive green color similar to that of green plants. They often hide on the branches of trees causing terror to many families.
    • In addition, you can also easily see snakes in the house when the weather is dry and hot. This is simply because snakes do not like hot weather with high temperatures, they will digest poorly and lose energy. Therefore, your house will be an extremely cool place with enough drinking water for them to relieve the heat.
    • Besides, the house with many rats, poultry and other pets is also easy to attract snakes to come because they are a source of fat and easy to find in any house.
    • Another interesting point that attracts snakes into the house is the scent of flowers. Some snakes will be stimulated and attracted by the scent of jasmine, thyme, morning glory, etc. So growing these plants in the house makes the ability to attract snakes very high.

    Effective and simple ways to keep snakes out of the house

    Snakes appearing in the house are really a scary thing that scares many families. Therefore, learning the following tips to keep snakes out of the house right away is an important thing that everyone needs to know.

    Plant ornamental plants that can repel snakes

    Planting plants with a characteristic scent that is a taboo snake is also an extremely effective way to keep snakes out of the house and bring green space to your home.

    The plants that snakes really hate can be mentioned as:

    • Marigolds
    • Mother-in-Law’s Tongue
    • West Indian Lemongrass
    • Onion & Garlic.
    • Compressed Bulbs
    • Purple Garlic Orchids
    • Kudzu

    These are the Best Plants that Naturally Repel Snakes with a strong and pungent aroma. Snakes are animals with a highly developed sense of smell. When they smell this special scent from afar, they will feel uncomfortable and stay away from the house.

    Just adorn the house with eye-catching purple garlic orchids planted in front of the fence or a few kumquats planted around the house, making sure snakes will not dare to approach your house.

    Planting snake-repelling plants
    Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is one of the best plants that repel snakes

    Use lemongrass to repel snakes

    Lemongrass is an extremely popular spice that is grown in many households. In addition, it is used as a cooking and beauty ingredient. Growing lemongrass is also a natural way to keep snakes out of the house, which is extremely effective and safe, applied by many households.

    Lemongrass is considered the quintessential scent of snakes. To repel snakes, you just need to plant a few lemongrass bushes along the fence around the house or use crushed lemongrass cloves and hang them at the door where snakes can crawl into the house. With only a few thousand dong, you can rest assured that no snake dares to come near your house, it’s safe and economical, right?

    Besides, you can also use lemongrass essential oil to chase snakes out of the house and bring fresh and fresh air to the living space. With lemongrass essential oil you can use a few ways:

    • Regularly steam the house with lemongrass essential oil to repel and prevent snakes from entering the house.
    • Dip lemongrass essential oil on a cotton ball and place it around the house to repel snakes. When the cotton is no longer smelly, it can be replaced with another cotton pad.
    • Mix lemongrass essential oil with water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray at doors and around the house where snakes can live.
    Use Lemongrass to keep snakes away from your house
    Use Lemongrass to keep snakes away from your house

    Use Realgar Powder to Scare Away Snakes from Your House

    Realgar Powder has long been known as a taboo substance for snakes. it is a compound with the chemical name Arsenic Sulfide. They have a yellow-orange color and a characteristic unpleasant odor. This is considered a poisonous substance to snakes, making them afraid to stay away.

    Just spread the realgar powder around the house, the path … you can completely dispel the worry about snakes. However, this is also a chemical that is quite toxic to humans, so it is not usually recommended for use.

    Only use Realgar powder to repel snakes if necessary. You should pay attention to use protective gloves when using Realgar powder, and also need to be careful not to spill the powder into food or drinking water and keep it out of the reach of children. After use, it must be cleaned thoroughly to protect the health of people and pets.

    Use Realgar Powder to Scare Away Snakes from Your House
    Use Realgar Powder to Scare Away Snakes from Your House

    Use Simple Kitchen Ingredients to Repel Snakes

    Surely many people will be surprised because you can completely repel snakes with ingredients that are easily found in the kitchen. Spices such as onion, garlic, compress… are spices with a strong smell and a strong sense of smell. Therefore, snakes are very afraid of these scents.

    So how to get rid of snakes from home with kitchen ingredients? This is very simple. You just need to take 10 crushed bulbs, mix with 1 garlic, 10 branches of cilantro and some tobacco, pound it, put it in a cloth bag hanging around the house or wear it with you. The smell of medicinal herbs will keep snakes away.

    In particular, this is considered an effective and extremely convenient way to repel red-tailed green vipers in the current time of raging vipers.

    Use garlic to repel snakes
    Use garlic to repel snakes

    Pet a Dog or a Cat to Protect You from Snakes

    In addition to the natural ingredients and scents from plants, snakes are also very afraid of the sound of dogs and cats. Just sniff their scent, make sure snakes will be afraid to stay away. Therefore, raising a dog or cat is a very simple trick to keep snakes out of the house that you should try.

    In addition to chasing snakes, cats can also catch mice and other reptiles or insects. This is a lucrative bait that attracts snakes into the house. Therefore, killing all rats and mice will be able to limit snakes from entering the house to feed.

    Pet a Dog or a Cat to Protect You from Snakes
    Pet a Cat to Protect You from Snakes


    This is a fairly simple but very effective method to prevent snakes from entering the house. Snakes often have a habit of looking for a safe place to hide. And dark, cool places such as under the bed, corner of the closet, warehouse, etc. have many insects, rats, which are very favorite places for snakes. Cleaning the house clean and tidying things up will limit rats and mice, making the house clean and beautiful, and snakes are no longer an ideal place to find prey and hide.

    You should clean the toilet every week and combine it with hanging or planting plants that have a scent to freshen up the room and have the effect of repelling snakes to increase the effectiveness of how to repel snakes.

    Ways to Prevent Snakes from Coming Back to Your House

    Although the snakes have been driven out of the house, it is difficult to know in advance whether they will return or not, so take the initiative to take some measures to prevent them from returning home:

    • Regularly prune shrubbery trees. This is done to avoid creating conditions to create a living space for snakes.
    • Eliminate food sources of snakes, common snake foods are mice, crickets, insects, etc. To limit snakes from entering your home, you must ensure that there are no mice in the house. You need to clean and sanitize the house, avoid leaving leftovers outside to not attract mice into the house.
    • Seal holes in your home with sealant or foam. These cracks or holes are very easy to become a hiding place for snakes and sealing will make them have no place to hide. They won’t come back if they can’t find a safe place to hide.

    What You NEED To Do When You find Snakes in Your House?

    Despite careful precautions, if unfortunately snakes still enter the house, you should stay calm and handle them according to the following recommendations:

    • Stay calm and don’t scream, snakes may feel unsafe and attack
    • Never touch a snake unless you are sure it is not dangerous.
    • If you can’t get them out on your own, stay calm and stay at the scene and notify everyone to leave the house, especially children. Then immediately notify someone who can help.
    • If you can handle it yourself, use a long stick to control and drive snakes out of the house. The second option is to use a high-pressure water jet to spray them away
    • In case the snake appears on a flat surface such as the floor, on the table, the top of the cabinet, etc., use a blanket to cover them. Then use a heavy object to press the four corners so that they cannot escape, then handle them carefully and gently.
    • With snakes appearing in your home garden, gently leave and do not touch it. Snakes will only attack when they feel unsafe.

    Bottom Line

    It is terrible when your home has the appearance of an uninvited, dangerous guest. Removing the solid out of the house may seem complicated however with just a few simple tips due to exterminate insects following suggestions you can completely obnoxious animals by this easily. It can also prevent them from returning, endangering you and your family.

    Above are 6 ways to keep snakes out of the house safely and effectively, which you can easily apply at home. Wishing you success safe and healthy life.

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